College is Still Worth It

Why it is the greatest opportunity to market yourself

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College is an invaluable opportunity for networking

A portion of my time at college is spent in the classroom, listening to lectures and scribbling down notes. But those classes, although an important aspect of the educational experience at a university, do not require the majority of my time. Most of my day is spent with my peers, whether that’s eating meals together, discussing homework questions, or just socializing and relaxing. The community at my university has become an integral component of my education.

College is a time to market yourself.

A thriving, successful college will provide opportunities for students to meet potential employers, seek out internships, and eventually find employment. At my campus, weekly job fairs in the business school are a regular component of the academic schedule. Students are encouraged to meet with business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, with the hope that those meetings will lead to an eventual job.

College provides the chance for personal growth.

Before attending college, I knew very little about my career goals. I knew I wanted to receive my diploma and find a job, but that was it.

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Occasional Writer, Full-Time Student at Campbell University, and Editor of The Intelligence of Everything

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