College is Still Worth It

Why it is the greatest opportunity to market yourself

Aaron Schnoor
4 min readJan 22, 2020


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Before I begin, a quick disclaimer: I am biased toward the benefits of college.

But can you really blame me? After all, if you spent four years of your life at a university you would likely be biased too. I write that college is worth it not only because it is, but also because I want it to be true.

I, Along with eighteen million students in the United States, have invested my time, resources, and energy into an institution that will eventually give me a degree. I believe that receiving that coveted diploma will strengthen my career, my personal development, and my future.

Others disagree, some with good reason. A quick scan of articles on Medium reveals titles like “Your College Degree is Worthless,” “College is Worthless,” and “More Millionaires Declare That College Just Isn’t Worth It,” among others. We live in a society where self-made entrepreneurs can become billionaires through their own endeavors. We hear stories about university dropouts — like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates — who both left Harvard to pursue their own passions and dreams, becoming wildly successful in the process.

I hate to break it to you, but Zuckerberg and Gates are anomalies.

Unless you are extremely self-driven, with entrepreneurial habits and a propensity to chart your own course, dropping out of college might not be a great idea. College is a time for personal growth and development, and there are many reasons why college is still worth it.

College is an invaluable opportunity for networking

A portion of my time at college is spent in the classroom, listening to lectures and scribbling down notes. But those classes, although an important aspect of the educational experience at a university, do not require the majority of my time. Most of my day is spent with my peers, whether that’s eating meals together, discussing homework questions, or just socializing and relaxing. The community at my university has become an integral component of my education.

That community — the tight-knit group of peers that I spend my time with — has provided a network that will be with my for my…



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