Spotify’s Biggest Day is Here

Why Spotify Wrapped is an ingenious marketing tool

Aaron Schnoor


Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Like many of Spotify’s 365 million monthly listeners, I use the audio streaming platform almost daily. Today was no different. I opened my phone this morning, planning to start the day off right with some of my favorite tunes, and was greeted with a popup ad that boldly exclaimed that “Spotify Wrapped 2021 is Here.”

I normally ignore popup ads. But not today.

I was pleasantly surprised—no, I was delighted—to see that today was Spotify’s “Wrapped” day. And to be clear, I generally find myself thinking that most marketing tactics are gimmicky and overdone.

But not Spotify Wrapped. I love it.

And here’s why:

It’s a simple premise

There’s nothing complicated about Spotify Wrapped. It’s easy to comprehend and requires no additional buy-in from audience members.

Most readers will already be familiar with Spotify Wrapped, but here’s a breakdown for anyone who is unfamiliar with the concept:

Launched in 2017, Spotify Wrapped is an advertising feature that was created solely by user-generated content. The premise is simple: at the end of the year, the user would see a report of what they had listened to on Spotify. The Spotify Wrapped feature displays the user’s preferences, showing their favorite artist, how many songs they had listened to over the course of the year, how many minutes they had spent on the Spotify app, and other details.

It’s simple, right? It seems that anyone could have come up with the idea. But as any marketer knows, the best marketing ideas are often based upon the simplest premises.

It’s about community

Even if you aren’t a Spotify user, you’ve probably seen your friends and connections on other social media platforms post, tweet, and blog about Spotify Wrapped. It’s probably annoying for anyone who doesn’t use Spotify to see Spotify Wrapped on social media, but here’s the thing: the fact that some people are posting about Spotify Wrapped on social media will spark a fear of missing out in others.