TikTok Mastered Marketing But Can’t Escape a Ban

What does the future hold for the Chinese app?

Aaron Schnoor


Photo by Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash

It might not be this round of legislation. It might still be a year from now, or maybe two years from now.

But TikTok will eventually be banned.

If you haven’t heard, the US House of Representatives passed a bill on March 13th that will effectively ban TikTok from US app stores—unless the social media app is spun off from ByteDance, its China-based parent company.

The legislation now goes to the US Senate, where its future remains uncertain.

But based on the bipartisan support for the House bill, it seems likely that the legislation will pass through with Senate approval. And if this specific bill doesn’t pass through the Senate, another bill clearly will.

It’s inevitable at this point.

What seems most likely—and I’m no political expert, so this is just conjecture—is that TikTok is eventually divested to a US-based parent company.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the divestiture option takes place.

Will TikTok continue to thrive, retaining its 1.5 billion global users?